A social media researcher and multimedia artist shows how medical misinformation spreads so far, so fast

Network graph of 37,275 public “Plandemic” Facebook posts from April 8 to May 8, 2020. Images courtesy of author

A slick, professionally produced documentary featuring discredited virologist Judy Mikovits went viral last week. The plot of “Plandemic” is a convergence of various conspiracy theories, which is why it appealed to such a wide audience. I was curious about how the video spread so far, so fast. …

The word “bot” has become a catch-all to describe anything on social media that people perceive as suspicious or contrived, but overuse of the term has rendered it meaningless and current methods for “bot identification” are… lacking.

A funny Mexican meme about sycophantic accounts that supported former Mexican senator Omar Fayad

One thing I’ve noticed in nearly 5 years of tracking Twitter bots is…

Several researchers from around the world have published analysis in Spanish language regarding social media manipulation surrounding topics and trends supporting the recent military-civilian coup in Bolivia but their research has not been translated to English or widely reported in the US media. Here are some highlights.

graph of new Bolivian accounts created October 18 to November 20. 2019

On December 10…

Fake accounts bombarded top trending hashtags in Egyptian Twitter with obvious, automated spam while protests were breaking out on the ground.

User-to-hashtag network for 10,732 tweets containing hashtag ميدان_التحرير_الان from 21 September to 22 September

Around 5pm EST on September 21, I noticed some suspicious accounts that were spamming hashtags trending in Egypt using IFTTT (“If This Then That”), a web service that automates…

A look at the follow-for-follow networks that are a staple in pro-Trump Twitter.

User-to-user graph of #BobsPatriotExpress, #GinaXpress and #SistersByTrump

If you are somehow unfamiliar with Trump Trains on Twitter, they are tweets that contain nothing but a list of user names, some emojis and usually a meme or a gif. It’s a social media growth hack…

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador acknowledged the presence of bots on social media today in a press conference at the Palacio Nacional, an important step forward to addressing the problem.

Screenshot via verified YouTube of Andrés Manuel López Obrador

In a press conference this morning in the Palacio Nacional, the Mexican President addressed a long-standing issue in Mexican…

Erin Gallagher

Social media researcher, multimedia artist

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